Our mission is to prevent disease, assure a healthful environment, prolong life, and promote well being for the citizens of Medina County.
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What your neighbors are saying about the Medina County Health Department!

Thank you Jim [Brown - Environmental Registered Sanitarian]. You were so thorough when you explained the functioning and maintenance of the septic system. We really did appreciate all the time you took with us. With this being the first time having a septic system we really needed someone to take the time you did to explain everything.
From the ladies in your county office to the actual inspection you did Id like you to know it really was a pleasure working with all of you. It is quite the change from Cuyahoga County and it makes me feel good knowing that you are there and willing to help out in the future if need be. Thank you again.
  I am a first-time mother, and baby fair was a very informative and recreational way to learn about new parenting.
I love, love, love having this booth to come to. Thank you so much. P.S. My son loved the booth as well! (comment regarding breastfeeding booth at County Fair)  
  Thank you for making this private area! It helped my son and I while at the fair.
Thank you - I used this booth 3 years ago with my first daughter and I am using it now with my 2nd daughter. I appreciate how the booth grew in size.  


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