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Evaluations - Sewage & Water Systems



Water samples are collected Monday through Thursday.

A water sample may not be collected if the water supply lacks the proper disinfection/filtration components, construction of the system is not in sanitary condition, or inconsistent with private water rules and improper disinfectant residuals. It will then be necessary to make alteration to the system.  The sample can then be collected.

If bacteria are found in the water sample,
instructions for disinfection of the system and/or any necessary repairs will be provided.  Resampling is recommended. Water samples can be collected during home vacancy.

In most cases, the bacteriological results will be available 3 to 5 business days after the sample has been collected.

If a lead sample is requested, the sample needs to be taken from a fixture that has not been used in at least six (6) hours.  Please inform the person responsible for providing access which sink has been designated for this purpose.

Sewage system evaluations are conducted Monday through Friday.  A Homeowner Checklist for Sewage System Evaluations is available that should be read and followed so that a complete evaluation can be conducted.  Click
here for this checklist.  The homeowner is responsible to ensure all components of the sewage system are exposed.

If the home is vacant or the sewage tank has been pumped in the last thirty (30) days, the evaluation may be reported as inconclusive with the recommendation that the system be evaluated thirty (30) days after occupancy.

If sewage system failure is determined from this evaluation, orders will be issued for repair/replacement, or orders will be issued for connections to sanitary sewer, where accessible.

If the home to be inspected is occupied, the owner, someone the owner knows and trusts over the age of 18, or the real estate agent must be present to provide access into the home if needed.

 The current homeowner must sign the bottom of the form to provide us permission to do the inspection. An evaluation will not be conducted until this form is signed and paid for prior to scheduling.  If you would like your evaluation report sent to you more efficiently, please provide us with your email or fax number on the request form.

To obtain an evaluation request form, or if you have questions, please call our office at (330)723-9523 weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


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