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Food Protection



The Medina County Health Department (MCHD) is responsible for licensing and inspecting food operations in accordance to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3717 including Food Service Operations (restaurants, bars, daycare centers, hospitals, nursing homes, etc); Retail Food Establishments (grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations); Mobile Food Service Operations and Mobile Retail Food Establishments (fairs/festival trailers); Temporary Food Service Operations; and Vending Machine Locations (coffee, sandwiches, ice cream).

Inspection frequency, plan review fees, and license fees are based on the Risk Level Classification. For new or remodeled operations, plans must be submitted to the Medina County Health Department for approval prior to construction.

Level One Certification in food protection is required for a Person-in-Charge per shift for all operations licensed after March 1, 2010; operations implicated in a foodborne illness outbreak; and all Persons-in-Charge for operations with documented history of failure to maintain sanitary conditions. Level One Certification in food protection training can be completed by attending a class at the Medina County Health Department (English speaking only, Spanish books available upon request) for a fee. See the Level One Registration Form for class dates and times. Level One Certification in food protection may also be completed online at www.servsafe.com/starters (available in English and Spanish) or www.statefoodsafety.com (available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese) for a fee.
Click here for information regarding food safety after a fire occurs.

Cottage Food Operations that prepare home baked goods that do not require refrigeration are exempt from licensing provided the baked goods are properly labeled.  For baked goods that require refrigeration, contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture at (800)-282-1955 to obtain a Home Bakery License. A temporary license may be required to sell products at events such as craft shows, fairs, festivals, etc. Contact the Medina County Health Department for more information at (330) 723-9523.
MCHD developed the Food Service Operation/Retail Food Establishment Awards Program to encourage Risk Level 3 and Risk Level 4 operations to minimize critical food handling violations and maintain overall compliance with the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code outlined in Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3717-1, Ohio Administrative Code 3701-21 and Ohio Administrative Code 901:3-4. Awards are granted to operations in the following categories:
  • Excellence Award - No violations during routine unannounced standard inspections.
  • Compliance Award - No critical food handling violations during routine unannounced standard inspections.

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