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About Mercury
Mercury is a naturally occurring element, found in the environment in three different forms:  Elemental (Metallic Mercury), Organic and Inorganic.  The human nervous system is very sensitive to all forms of mercury.  Methylmercury and metallic mercury are more harmful than others because more mercury in these forms reaches the brain.  Exposure to mercury can result in permanent brain or kidney damage, birth defects, changes in brain function, lung damage, nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes, eye irritation and several other harmful effects.

In 2007, the State of Ohio passed House Bill 443, which included bans on mercury-use.  Mercury-containing thermometers, thermostats, and novelty items may no longer be sold in Ohio.  Ohio schools through the 12th grade may also no longer purchase mercury, mercury compounds or mercury-containing measuring devices for classroom use.  For more information on House Bill 443, visit the
Ohio Schools and Consumer Mercury Product Bans Fact Sheet.
For more information about mercury, health hazards, spills and cleanup procedures, click on the Fact Sheets listed below.  As with any chemical spill, you should immediately contact your local fire department or the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Spill Hotline at (800) 282-9378 if you encounter mercury.

here for the Mercury Protection Program through the Medina County Sanitary Engineers Office.

here for the Mercury Protection Program through the Medina County Central Processing Facility.

Mercury FAQs

Mercury in the Household

Mercury Spill Frequently Asked Questions

Small Mercury Spills

Mercury Cleanup Kit

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