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Sewage Treatment Systems


Household Sewage Treatment Systems (HSTS)
We permit and inspect all new and replacement household sewage treatment systems in Medina County. If you are building a new home where public sewer is not available or live in an existing home where the sewage system is is not functioning properly, contact us at  330-723-9688, option 3 for information regarding a permit to install, alter or replace a HSTS.

Real Estate Inspections
Medina County does not require that your HSTS be inspected before your home it is sold. However, an inspection is often required by the lending institution of the buyer. If you are a buying a home with a HSTS or a private water system, regardless of loan requirements, we highly recommend an evaluation of the systems before you purchase.

For more information about Real Estate Inspections or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 330-723-9688, option 3.

Commercial Sewage Treatment Systems
If a sewage system is being installed for a business and generates less than 25,000 gallons of wastewater per day, a  Site Evaluation Request Form must be completed and submitted with plan specs to the Ohio EPA for review and approval. Once the plan is approved, come into our office and obtain an installation permit. After the permit is received and installation begins, our staff will make scheduled visits to the construction site, assuring the system is being installed according to the EPA-approved plans. Our inspectors can also provide helpful suggestions and answers to any of your questions. Once installed, commercial sewage treatment systems require an annual operation permit and inspection to assure it is being properly maintained and operated. If an existing business changes ownership or is converted to a different kind of business a Site Evaluation Request Form will need to be completed. 

Sewage Related Complaints
Untreated sewage water found on the ground surface or in ditches is not only a pollution issue but a public health concern. We receive dozens of calls and reports annually from private citizens and others about suspected sewage nuisances. Our policy requires a written complaint form to be filed with our office before an investigation can be conducted. Anonymous complaints are not accepted. 

Installers, Service Providers, and Septage Haulers
Contact our office about the registration process and requirements for sewage system contractors. 



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