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Links promoting family health

Links to Nutrition Websites


This website gives information explaining the importance of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and teaches individuals how to use the MyPyramid. This website allows individuals to develop a food guideline that is specific to their energy and nutrient needs based on their age, gender and activity level. Interactive tools and games make learning nutrition fun. In one interactive tool an individual can enter the food consumed and the website will calculate how many calories were consumed and what nutrients are lacking from the individuals’ diet. Interactive games on this website engage children to learn about nutrition and develop healthy dietary habits.


This website provides numerous links to government websites that provide current and accurate information about nutrition. This website also provides resources to receive information on campaigns that help fight obesity in adults and children, building strong bones, and increasing fruit and vegetable intake.


American Dietetic Association website gives basic nutrition information. Gives details where to find a dietitian in the area that can help you. Basic and more advanced nutrition information is provided to the public and to health professionals. Check out this site daily for a nutrition tip of the day.


The American Heart Association provides nutrition information that is provided to help promote good heart health. Gives specific heart health information related to cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more medical conditions.


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